30 days Health Improving Challenge Week 2!

This is week 2, people! I am very excited to continue this journey with you! After just 7 days I lost 6.2 pounds. For me that’s way too awesome. Of course, is very restrictive but manageable. This craaazy effort is something I’m willing to do for a month or maybe a little bit more if I can reach my goal. I’m just aiming for 20 pounds. If is more, then WELCOME! I mean... Goodbye extra pounds!

With all honesty, sometimes I have felt some hungriness. Is normal because the body was used to eating more than 1,200 calories a day and plenty of fats like cheese! I miss cheese... and brownies... Damn, I miss a cappuccino! But soon we’ll reunite. When in doubt, I just review my goal and my prize. I want that wedding dress! I want to look like a freaking sex goddess in that sexy curve-hugging wedding dress! Not that I'm not! But I need to feel a little lighter- for my own sake!

Plus, I want my husband to cry from happiness and desire when he sees me walking to him dress like a bride. If he doesn't... I'll give him leftovers for dinner for a lifetime. And believe me hates leftovers.

A little advise if you want to start a diet like this. Always keep a journal with your foods. It will help you understand when you stall. It will happen. You'll stall. Some foods will make you gain or stop losing. This morning, I realized that ground beef is that thing that prevent me to lose. Not a gain, not a loss. But if I want the losses to be consistent, I need to remove those things from my menu. Probably, ground beef will do nothing to you and you still lose some. Maybe during this restrictive hybrid diet, your body isn’t tolerant to eggs, or beef, apples or even tomatoes.

The evil days of the month a.k.a Shark Week or the period will also stall you or even gain a pound or two. Don’t worry. Is mostly liquid retention and it will go away.

Every other day I’ve been measuring my ketone levels just to see if my body is working on burning fat. I expected very low ketone levels, but to my dismay the ketone strip reflected nice levels! For me, is important to understand that -at this point- a diet that is so restrictive is working right where I want. I definitely wouldn’t do and share a diet that affects your muscle mass and makes you lose “weight” by losing the muscle and keeping the fat. When ketones are present in the body, your fat is been used as energy, thus burned. If you want to measure your ketone levels, you can get these strips. This product is pretty inexpensive, considering you can use during 100 days.

By the end of this 7 days, I’ll measure my body again. Not only I will account my pounds lost, but inches lost in the right places!

Here a resume of what I ate this week 2 of my health Improving Challenge!

Phase 2 Day 8 (07/30/20): Morning weight 150.2 -(Period Started)

20 oz black coffee with stevia. 

11:00 am: 2 egg whites and 1 egg made into an omelet with spinach. 

2:00 pm: 4 oz chicken breast with ½ roma tomato made into a delicious chicken chilli. (I add some liquid aminos, garlic, onion, chilli powder and a hint of cayenne pepper.

Phase 2 Day 9: Morning weight 149.0

20 oz black coffee with stevia

11:00 am: Fritatta: 1 egg+2 whites with 1 cup spinach

2:00 pm: 1 small red grapefruit

4:30 pm: 4 oz lean steak and 12 asparagus spears

Phase 2 Day 10: Morning weight 148.6

20 oz black coffee with stevia

11:00 am: 1 small apple

2:00 pm: 4 oz swai fish stew with 1/2 roma tomato

4:00 pm: 4 oz swai fish grilled with lettuce

Phase 2 Day 11: Morning weight 148.4

20 oz black coffee with stevia

10:00 am: 1 can tuna in water/ 1/2 red onion

1:00 pm: 1 small apple

4:00 pm: 4 oz chicken breast and 1 1/2 cup shredded cabbage made into chicken and "rice"

Phase 2 Day 12: Morning weight 148.4

(Steak Day to help with the stall for the last three days)

20 oz black coffee with stevia

4:00 pm: 6 oz flank steak grilled and 1 1/2 cup lettuce

Phase 2 Day 13: Morning weight 146.4

20 oz black coffee with stevia

10:00 am: Spinach frittata -1 egg +2 whites/ 1/2 cup spinach

4:00 pm: 5 oz Flank Steak/ 1.5 cup lettuce

Phase 2 Day 14: Morning weight 145.6

(All day in the car in a trip that lasted 12 hours. Terrible!)

20 oz black coffee with stevia

9:30 am: 1 small orange

11:00 am: 4 oz tuna drained (I took 2 tuna pouches for the road.)

5:30 pm: 1 hard boiled egg +2 whites/ 1 cup romaine lettuce

So, as this day- the 14th of my personal dieting challenge, I've lost a total of 10.8 pounds. I'll let you know what my body measures say at the beginning of week 3. (Just one week away!) 10.8 pounds! Not bad! Not bad at all!

What you think? Is it worthy of a try?

Let me know if you decide to join me!



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