30 days Health Improving Challenge

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

As long as I remember, I have always had problems with my weight. Never a skinny girl, I learned early in life that whatever I ate ended up stored in my body. Some places better than others! A few years ago, I took the matter in own hands and started a very intensive diet regimen accompanied with circuit exercises. A year and a half later I won the battle, getting rid of 116 pounds.

116 pounds! Yes! The weight of another person. I worked with my weight fluctuations until I was comfortable in my body.

Taking control of my body and my health was proven to be the greatest decision I had ever made. Before getting the courage to challenge myself to a healthier lifestyle, I had so many health issues, I was even taking medication for high blood pressure. (And it wasn’t a minimum amount, I was prescribed with 4 times what my father’s pill was! So, I hope you get the picture of my poor still-baby heart crying for help.)

Don’t get it the wrong way. I am faithful advocator for all body types. Love your body, embrace what God gave you. But the body I had wasn’t good to me. It wasn’t what God had given me, but the result of genetics and laziness and poor food choices. And maybe some baby weight from my two pregnancies. Also, I have a neuromuscular condition that affects my legs, so the more the weight the less the balance. That’s what God gave me. And I embrace it and respect it, and had forced me to be overprotective with myself. It has made me the woman I am today. And I love every single thing of this curvylicious babe!

By then, having reached the middle 130’s, I felt great. Still nice meat and muscles, and my bum was great and generous, just as I love it. I haven’t felt so good in years, plus zero medication for blood pressure. Everything of me was falling into place and I was very grateful!

Fast forward a little and my family and I are in a middle of two devastating hurricanes, a week after opening a business that would be our only source of income. Months without electricity and potable water hit us hard, as the realization that we were very deep into debts. Meanwhile, the business remained closed due to the lack of essential services in the whole island. An enormous investment and an even bigger debt vs first few days of little clientele. Fresh foods were limited and very expensive at the moment. Meanwhile, we tried to survive with canned foods and canned vegetables. The worst food for a journey to a healthier body.

We managed to survive hurricanes Irma and Maria, but our pockets and our health were both hanging by the thread. A little while later, we took the decision to leave Puerto Rico and come live in US. When that opportunity was presented, we knew it was our time to leave everything we had left behind. The one and only chance to try again. And so we did. Without hesitation! Our health improved and we started working out again. But then, global pandemic.

Now, the quarantine has taken its toll on me. Gaining back almost 25 pounds. And getting high blood pressure again. Ouch, girl! I know. It hurts both physical and emotionally.

Today, I’m starting a hybrid diet system I thought it could work like wonders together. Years ago, I made the HCG homeopathic drops, and lost a total 45 pounds in two different rounds. I have also done the Keto diet with decent results. I am aiming for some weight loss but also a few inches all over my body. I tried researching about this type of combined diet, but found nothing. So I played with the macros and saw that if I aimed for a big loss (like 65% deficit), it closely resembled what I was eating while on the HCG. So, it was a matter of adapting both eating habits into one and find a guinea pig: Myself.

As this is a hybrid diet between Keto and HCG, I’ll stick to 86 grams of lean protein, no more than 10 gram of carbs (I never get there, except for veggies), and definitely under 15 grams of fat. This must be a little over 500 calories. As I sprained an ankle a few weeks ago and it’s still swollen and full of pain, I’ll start with no exercises. Later, I’ll add some treadmill work. But I’ll leave it for when I stall. Because it will happen eventually during these 30-45 days period!

For this experiment, I bought BioOrigins Diet Drops and Lovv Labs Keto Drops as my supplements. Also, I’ll continue using my sugar free liquid collagen, CLA and L-Carnitine.

Because I need to be accountable for this, I’ll try and document my journey and share it weekly with you!

My first day of Loading 07/21/2020. My morning weight was 156.4. Hate you, scale!  I also measured my body. Both arms, both thighs, waist, hips and boobs.

As I had learned the hard way, Loading days are told to be something like binge eating... But I’ve noticed the crappier the food I eat, the faster I get hungry after starting the restrictive days and the higher the weight I need to loose before actually start loosing from my own weight.

This time I’ll be loading in fat and proteins, and maybe some fruits. Things I will really miss for the next 30 to 45 days. Cheese, a mango, avocado. Keto Ice cream! Coffee with cream! Fatty red meats! I won’t be missing a burger with bun, because I’ve been low carb- Keto style- for the whole 2020.

Are you planning on starting a diet? Let's do it together then. Aiming for a better, healthier lifestyle is the key, but setting another goal is good as well. My other great goals to push myself even harder is going back to the mid 130’s and looking like an Empowered Curvy Goddess in my custom-made wedding dress by the end of the year. Sorry, quarantine. Not again!

What are your short-long time goals in health? I want to know about your weight loss journey, but I’m even more interested in knowing your story of body positivity!

With love,


The Empowered Curvy

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