3 minutes Mug cake

#keto #lowcarb #3minutecake #diabeticfriendly

Craving something sweet? I understand you! This happens to me so often! Work, school, house responsibilities sometimes causes me famishingriness (A terrible case of famishing angriness, just in case!)

Probably you don't have tons of time everyday to make a time-consuming recipe for a cake just to have one slice, right?

For those moments of need, I have my quick fix. My 3 minutes mug cake! A delicious mini cake that can be baked in a mug or a microwave safe bowl. Is so spongy, so sweet and so easy to put together there's no reason not to have one right now.

I came across this lifesaver almost 15 years ago. I cannot even remember when or where exactly. I know I've been experimenting with it until achieving my perfect and super duper favorite mug cake recipe.

My basic vanilla mug cake is perfection! One little ingredient you choose to add, will make a new even more delicious mug cake. Like chocolate chips! Yum! Salted caramel chips! Yummy! Or mashed fruit. Super yum!

It will go perfectly well with almost everything you can think of! And pair like soulmates with a cup of coffee! With just 1.3 g net carb, this treat is like sent from Heavens!