2021: New Year Bucket List!

Post Covid-19 ideas to make up for the lost time!

We all had our fair share of 2020.

Forced to take extreme measures to protect their own families while trying to take care of the rest of the world, nurses and doctors have been confined to their workplaces. Law enforcement dealing with crazy situations amidst this unprecedented event. Teachers with their responsibilities multiplied while trying to meet both in-school and remote learning demands. Parents homeschooling kids while working from home.

The terrible reality of having lost the only source of income because lots of places, factories, restaurants and stores closed for an unspecified amount of time, or just forever. Painful last goodbyes to loved ones. Sick family members. Little or no income. Zero social events, public activities or meetings with friends and family...

Those are just a few things Covid left us.

Finally, after many months of wait and anxiety, the vaccine is finally approved. Distribution and administration have already started. The hope is finally here! The light at the end of the tunnel is looking brighter. Normalcy will make its way at a slow pace but still, it will arrive.

The only thing left is to make up for the lost time. Try and compensate our families for the time forced to stay away. Reward ourselves for having survived the event that marked our era.

And Christmas is finally here! So is the hope! Just a few days left to say farewell to this year and welcome a new one. Perfect timing to talk about priorities!

Remember those things you planned to accomplish exactly one year ago? Yeap! When everything was "normal" and you were drinking wine and eating Moscato grapes on Christmas Eve.

Those resolutions: eating healthier, saving some money, buying a house, paying off some debts, going on a well-deserved family vacation, lose some pounds, gain some muscles, getting a promotion at work, honeymooning...

Don't be so hard on yourself. Nobody will blame you if those things are still incomplete. Probably none of us fulfilled our entire bucket list for 2020. Maybe we didn't even make it to 25% of it.

It's okay. You can let it all go. The blames for a shitty year. The frustration of having gained a few extra pounds instead of losing some. The disappointment of everything you couldn't do.

A year ago, there was no way we could have predicted 2020 to avoid the misery of creating goals that would stay unfinished or unattended. In no possible way, we could have predicted that our priorities would end up so messed up and instead of traveling the world, we would be forced to hinder ourselves inside our own walls.

It's restart time!

What about creating goals month by month? Short term plans to regain control of our lives one day at a time, while the new normalcy arrives.

If you're with me, we are determined to make this new year rock! So, I have created cool monthly printables for you. You'll find them at the end of this post!

If you're considering my idea, but aren't very appealed to it, let me give you a few ideas to put you in the mood!

2021 Post Covid Bucket List:

  1. Take a mini-vacation. Think of a last-minute 3 days/2 nights hotel stay. Check out for travel restrictions and go for it!

  2. Study a new language. Learn some French, Japanese or Spanish for your next vacations or just to improve your resume.

  3. Learn a new skill. Drawing, basic home or car repair, accountant, photography, photoshop.

  4. Take cooking or baking lessons. When normalcy comes, you can show off your newly acquired skills!

  5. Watch the sunset at the beach.

  6. Go on a dessert shop trip to the closest city.

  7. Visit a rose garden.

  8. Visit a lavender field.

  9. Go to a sunflower field.

  10. Berry picking!

  11. Rebuild your saving account. Don't go paying off all your credit cards with the new stimulus check. Save! You don't know when you'll need that cash!

  12. Picnic at the park.

  13. See the snow.

  14. Stay at a fancy hotel.

  15. Make a family photo shoot session.

  16. Make a DIY boudoir session!

  17. Have a breakfast date all alone.

  18. Pamper yourself at a coffee shop.

  19. Go to the movies and have popcorn.

  20. Make one of my delicious recipes!

  21. Read 2 books in a month. Here's a cool suggestion: Inked!

  22. Dance.

  23. Tune-up your car.

  24. Have a weekend staycation and order food!

  25. Lose 5 pounds in a month.

  26. Cut the bread and sodas for one month. Just to see what happens.

  27. Drink more water.

  28. Get drunk for the first time. (Please, don't attempt this outside of the home!)

  29. Make a parody with the kids. (mine don't want to, but don't let this stop you!)

  30. Start a YouTube channel. Interview your partner. Make some funny jokes. Talk about your favorite videogames. Tell the world something about your quarantine life.

  31. Create your own awesome blog!

  32. Get a free course.

  33. Send letters just because.

  34. Sponsor a kid at a local foster home.

  35. Do a meaningful charity.

  36. Bake goodies for the friends you haven't seen in a while!

  37. Do a random act of kindness. Know of someone who's having a hard time buying school supplies? Send a care package to an active soldier. Buy food for an elderly couple who live nearby and leave it on their doorstep.

  38. Buy one outfit a month and save it for 12 days of Christmas! Bonus points if your outfits are awesome and different in style!

  39. Take a selfie every day for a whole month. Then, create a collage and frame it!

  40. Make yeast bread. Bake croissants or cruffins. Or water bread.

  41. Pizza DIY.

  42. Reconnect with people!

  43. Send a letter to someone. Just because.

  44. Send Christmas cards to the elderly in nursing homes.

  45. Send Christmas presents to kids in foster homes.

  46. Make your own body scrub with coconut oil and brown sugar.

  47. Overcome a fear.

  48. Be proactive in your relationship.

  49. Redecorate your room. Add some sexy furniture like a tantra sofa.

  50. Lose 20 pounds and reward yourself with a new outfit that shows your new body!

  51. Be proud of your accomplishments.

  52. Make your favorite childhood dessert.

  53. Survive 24 hours without electronics.

  54. Make an "Electronic Detox" challenge as a family. Go 24 hours without electronics. The first to give up will do the dishes for the week.

  55. Learn to be a barista.

  56. Change your makeup.

  57. Gift yourself something every month.

  58. Send flowers.

  59. Make your own chocolate.

  60. Learn to do ice cream.

  61. Share something!

Print this beautiful 2021 bucket list tracker here:

2021 bucket list
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Print this beautiful monthly calendar! Free printable below!!!

free printable 2021 monthly calendar
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What are your New Year's Resolutions? Still, wondering what you should do this new year?

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