20 things Baristas hate the most

Baristas are these great people who are well versed in the art of coffee. Either by studying it or learning by working as a barista, that nice person has turned itself in your morning friend without knowing it.

The responsibility held by a barista is barbaric, you know. A little mistake, an order that was wrongly written, can cost that person in front of the expresso machine lots of insults and angriness.

Morning after morning, afternoon after afternoon, people have gathered at Coffee Shops around the world to enjoy a cup of fresh revitalizing coffee. Make no mistakes. I am one of those people. But I also was a barista a few years ago.

As a barista, there are things we do really hate. But who wouldn't? Let me share some of those bad habits with you:

  • People yelling at you over the phone

PLEASE!!!! I cannot stress this too much! When you order your drink and expect to receive it as perfect as you would want it, leave your phone aside. Don't yell at your barista that you want a macchiato with extra milk, no flavor, -wait for a second, "yes, babe, I told you already"- three shots of expresso extra, without froth, no milk, -wait. "I can't understand you. There's this noob at the coffee shop who doesn't understand anything I'm saying!" -and make it a decaf.