15 Signs that your relationship is not going to last... (And how to correct them)

**Because you don't have to know the future to understand when something is doomed to end

Story of your life:
Amidst a discussion, your partner runs to your family to "vent" his frustration about you... And you end up like the villain. Without reason.

Relationships are one of the hardest things to (successfully) maintain in life. Don't you twist those lips at me! You know its' true.

When your relationship is this safe place you go when the world collapses around you... When you feel happy to finally leave work and drive just to be in the embrace of your loved one... When you love to make plans to spend the weekend just Netflix and chill but together... Your relationship is worthy of fighting for.

There are tons of things required to enjoy a healthy and satisfying relationship both ways, beyond just wanting to be in a relationship. You want to make it work. You want to feel whole. You desire for this to feel like home.