Naughty or Nice 12 days of Sex-mas

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I'm a faithful Christmas believer. The hope it generates has the magic to bring families together, to fix what's broken, to straighten derailed people. I also believe couples can get the most out of Christmas. Just as kids expect gifts, the same way your partner expects something for Christmas: you!

Sometimes we are so focused on our own frustrations and busy routines that we forget that the most important person in our whole world is waiting for us to make THE move. To care, to protect, to cheer you up, to love. To surprise him with steamy sexy time!

Probably some people will say Christmas must be focused on bringing happiness to the kids, that adults can wait until the season is over...

I tell you NO! That's not true! You don't have to give up the joy of Christmas in your marriage to focus on the kids exclusively. I mean, give your kids the best Christmas you possibly can. In the same way, give your relationship equal treatment. Give your man the best Christmas gift you possibly can:

12 Days of sex-Mas!

I'm a faithful believer that hot sex and Holly Christmas belong together. Who said God doesn't want us to have a happy marriage with steamy sex? Nobody! (If someone said yes... you're so mistaken! Stay a little longer at and give me the chance to help you change your mind!) You can have a blessed marriage and hot sex with your husband!

Deep in my heart, I feel that a happy marriage involves a nice amount of sexy, tender, or wild sex. The variety, the novelty, the surprise. Our husbands are waiting exactly the same as us. To be desired and loved. They, too, crave to feel like the sexy man with rock-solid abs he was before responsibilities took away his own time to care for himself as he used to.

One marriage doesn't depend on the husband's intentions alone. The wife has the utmost important role to protect her husband's heart from everything and everyone. To satisfy his needs and desires is solely in your hands, dear woman. To always be the respectable woman he loves and the sexy freak that he desires!

As 2020 has hit us all pretty hard we must focus on bringing the spice back to our bedrooms. And to achieve that, you don't need a lot of money! In fact, with this sexy gift you need no money at all!

What do you need?

First, you need you! Yes, you!

This Christmas, you're gifting your husband the gift of you! Without reservations! Gather things you have around the house you can use as props. Put some of your best underwear or lingerie on a box (or a bag, whatever you have will do, believe me! Husbands aren't that picky, they just want to have fun!)

Add some of those sexy apparatus you have -if your husband feels comfortable with using/inviting them to the action.

Any brand of body lotion will do for a back massage! Or if he's up to a full body massage, you can use some lubricant or even coconut oil if that's what you have!

Bring a nice attitude to the party! Remember this gift is for your husband, but you'll benefit from it as well! (Of course, you will! You're taking advantage of your husband's sexiness with the excuse of a sexy gift!)

Besides your empowered sexiness, you just need to print this Naughty or Nice 12 Days of Sex-mas Printables (printable PDF below)!

For best quality, you can print these sexy adventures on cardboard, whether it's matte white or glossy. Printing them on paper it's fine as well! Cut and staple them together. And put it on his pillow (or his lunch bag to be found later at work). Voila!

How to play Naughty or Nice 12 days of Sex-mas?

That's the easy part!

  • His pick! Just make your husband choose any adventure he wants from his 12 days of Sex-mas booklet and do exactly that!

  • Chose randomly with a quarter:

heads - pick the first naughty adventure card!

tails -pick the first available nice adventure card!

  • Chose randomly with 2 dices:

Throw the dices! If you get a 7, take the adventure card in 7th place!

*Discard the cards you already performed!

Your 12 days of Sex-Mas is ready to be gifted!

I hope you have a kinky naughty Christmas! Have fun!

Here are your printables!

12 days of sex-mas.empoweredcurvy
Download PDF • 490KB

** Want me to customize this sexy gift? Add some more spice? Chillax a little? Write me a comment below!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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