Naughty or Nice 12 days of Sex-mas

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I'm a faithful Christmas believer. The hope it generates has the magic to bring families together, to fix what's broken, to straighten derailed people. I also believe couples can get the most out of Christmas. Just as kids expect gifts, the same way your partner expects something for Christmas: you!

Sometimes we are so focused on our own frustrations and busy routines that we forget that the most important person in our whole world is waiting for us to make THE move. To care, to protect, to cheer you up, to love. To surprise him with steamy sexy time!

Probably some people will say Christmas must be focused on bringing happiness to the kids, that adults can wait until the season is over...

I tell you NO! That's not true! You don't have to give up the joy of Christmas in your marriage to focus on the kids exclusively. I mean, give your kids the best Christmas you possibly can. In the same way, give your relationship equal treatment. Give your man the best Christmas gift you possibly can:

12 Days of sex-Mas!

I'm a faithful believer that hot sex and Holly Christmas belong together. Who said God doesn't want us to have a happy marriage with steamy sex? Nobody! (If someone said yes... you're so mistaken! Stay a little longer at