100 reasons why I LOVE YOU (The best love letter for your husband)

You only need one reason, but what about 100? Surprise your man with a love letter with 100 reasons to love him.

Sometimes it's so easy to fall into monotony and forget to tell your husband how much he means to you. Even more, this special man in your life will need to hear (or read) WHY you feel that huge love that burns inside.

And who doesn't?

We all need to feel loved and sometimes we wonder: WHY? Why I am so special to deserve so much love? Why... among the billion people on the whole planet, I was the chosen one?

So, stop what you're doing right now and focus on him for a second. Your man! Your husband! Yours, uniquely and exclusively yours. You are a very lucky woman. What a great guy he is! He deserves everything and then some more! He makes you vibrant and full of life.

If you agree with me right now, let's keep reading for the best love letter he will ever receive!

A special occasion isn't required. A love letter is better received just because. Any random day works fine. A rainy day! A Saturday family night! Right in the middle of a week that seems to never come to an end.

You just need paper and a pen, and you're ready to start!

You can mail this love letter to your S.O.; spray some of your perfume, fold it, and put it inside a cute box, or roll it and tie it with a pretty bow.

Be as creative as you want. Read it out loud for him. Hide it under his pillow, or his lunch bag. Gift it to him with a six-pack of his favorite beer, with a bag of chips, or with a steaming cup of coffee.

Just let your imagination run wild.

Remember those first encounters? Where they random? Where they planned? Did you bump into each other at the grocery store or work?

When did you feel the first spark? Was love at first sight? Did you feel for his kindness? Was he nice? Was he the hard-to-get guy?

And what about that first date? Was it funny? Or he was a romantic? Did he gift you flowers? Did you split the dinner payment? Did he cook for you? And what about the dancing?

Please tell me you remember the first kiss! Was it a stolen kiss? Was it you? Or he did the first movement? How was it? Did your first kiss was tender? Or wild and urgent? Has he improved his kissing skills? Or he still is the god of kisses?

Have you gotten sick? How has he acted? Did he take good care of you? Did he make soup for you?

Think of all his great attributes. All the first times, and all of those many times when he gives the extra mile for you.

Think of all his great attributes and start writing a love letter for your man.

Go wild writing what you love about him. Don't hold back anything! The steamier, the better!

A man always craves to know how much his wife desires him. This is an opportunity you cannot waste! Tell your man why he is and always will be your chosen one!

If you need some inspiration: here's a list of 110 reasons why! Just adapt them to your relationship!

100 Reasons why I LOVE YOU

  1. I love the way you look at me.

  2. You have the cutest way to laugh about my jokes (even when they are silly).

  3. Your face is way too sexy.

  4. You have a sexy super-hard hot body!

  5. You are my best friend.

  6. My secrets are safe with you.

  7. You work hard to have my trust.

  8. The first time you kissed me I felt like flying for the first time.

  9. You hold my hand without me having to ask.

  10. You know everything about me.

  11. You always try to know me better.

  12. Even our "boring" (lazy) time is fun if I'm with you.

  13. We both have more than one love language and you always try hard to satisfy mines.

  14. You spank my booty! (_____________) ***Insert here another sexy thing that qualifies***

  15. You trust me.

  16. You make me a priority.

  17. You love, protect and respect our kids' lives.

  18. You like coffee and ice cream. So do I.

  19. You never criticize my cookingz1 (Even those days when it's not good...)

  20. You kiss me so good!

  21. French kisses!

  22. You are my porn star!

  23. The sex is over the top good. You have 6 stars out of 5.

  24. You are a gentleman.

  25. You work hard.

  26. You're not lazy.

  27. You make me feel desired every day. (Even when I'm in the days)

  28. You make me feel loved every single day.

  29. I love how you play with my _______ (hair, boobs, fingers...)

  30. You love me unconditionally.

  31. You always make me _______ (Laugh, grow, explode,... You get the idea!)

  32. You enjoy my craziness.

  33. You understand when I cry.

  34. You never treated me like an option to choose from. You made me your one and only.

  35. I love your beard.

  36. I also love your shaved face.

  37. I love when you tell me what you want.

  38. You never say no when I'm in a sexy mood (unless you're really really really sleepy.)

  39. I love how crazy you get when I give you ____________ (backrubs, hugs, blowjobs,... You choose!)

  40. You can see through me.

  41. You kiss me a lot every day. I love it!

  42. I love when you hug me from behind when I'm preparing your breakfast.

  43. I love that you give me coffee every morning.

  44. You like talking to me.

  45. You trusted me with your past and your frustrations.

  46. You shared your dreams with me.

  47. I'm always a part of your dreams.

  48. I love that you don't have bad addictions.

  49. I love that you cuddle me every night.

  50. I love how you behave when you're jealous.

  51. You treat me like I always hoped to be treated by a man.

  52. I love that -at your side- I can always be myself. No pretending.

  53. You never humiliate me.

  54. You make me believe in forever. Without you, I'll just buy 10 cats and be the Cat-Lady.

  55. You're not perfect and you know it. But you're perfect for me.

  56. Our bond is so strong, nothing could destroy it.

  57. You make me feel beautiful every day. Even without my red lipstick.

  58. You always try to make me smile.

  59. I love to know that I give you pleasure.

  60. Wit you, I don't have to fake or be something I'm not.

  61. You make me feel proud to be your girl.

  62. Even when I'm down or in doubt, you always stay by my side, forgiving me, making me stronger.

  63. I love that even in my worst moments you never threaten to leave me.

  64. I love when you kiss my forehead. So sweet!

  65. Even when you know I'm perfectly capable of defending myself, you always want to protect me.

  66. I love that you took the risk of dating me, especially when I was planning to be alone forever.

  67. I love that you're passionate about what you believe.

  68. I love the passion that always grows between us.

  69. I love that we are _________ (romantics, sex freaks, pervs)

  70. I love your ______. It's perfect! I enjoy ________ it! My favorite thing!

  71. You always smell so good.

  72. You call me when you're at your work breaks. And I love to hear your voice.

  73. You're always interested in my opinion.

  74. You enjoy trying new things.

  75. You bring me _____ (flowers, chocolate, wine) on normal days.

  76. You write beautiful romantic _________ (poems, love notes, songs) for me.

  77. You always want me to be happy.

  78. You're a great example of a loving father.

  79. You push me to follow my dreams.

  80. You never try to embarrass me.

  81. You never allow people to disrespect me.

  82. You're truthful but also vulnerable with me.

  83. You showed me the real you.

  84. You make sacrifices and work hard for us.

  85. You spoil me!

  86. You make our alone-time together a sacred priority.

  87. You don't keep secrets from me.

  88. You said "I love you" first.

  89. You inspire me every day.

  90. You're a soul so strong, you keep me calm in the chaos and difficult times.

  91. You analyze everything with logic.

  92. You don't treat me like a fragile doll. (You know I like it rough!)

  93. You give really good _____ (feet, back, neck) massages to help me relax.

  94. I love that you wanted to have me even when you could have any other woman in the world.

  95. I love that you give yourself fully.

  96. When we started dating, you were very patient and never urged me for sex.

  97. I love when you pull me closer and I end up lying in your chest listening to your heartbeat.

  98. You worship me fully.

  99. I can't imagine a different life without you.

  100. You're super cute, even when you're grumpy.

  101. You tell me the things that made you fall in love with me.

  102. You love and respect my strength and individuality.

  103. I love the way you look at me. It makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

  104. I love when you welcome me with a huge hug.

  105. Your confidence in our future together fills me with happiness.

  106. I love that you proposed to me.

  107. I love the little moments when we make the most out of everything.

  108. I am proud of you.

  109. You're a great man and a leader.

  110. You're my reason to be happy.

What's left to do? Just sign it and stamp a big kiss! Ready!

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Here you go, empowered divas! Enjoy your trip down memory lane. My wish for you: a loving relationship full of romance!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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