10 tips for a happy marriage & great sex life

Someone once told me that the secret to a happy relationship -and therefore an outstanding sex life- reside just on 3 things: love, trust, and communication.

Despite I thought I had all those things, my forever love story was not the happy fairytale I expected it to be.

My life, not just relationship-wise, was unhappy and my sex life was nothing I could brag about. I was dissatisfied in every aspect of my relationship and my life.

There were a lot of things I needed in order to feel that I was in that right spot of the perfect love. And I was lacking all those things.

Failure was needed. I needed to discern what I was needing and what was important for me in a relationship. Love, trust, and communications weren't enough for me when I was the only one giving 100%.

Failure was a necessity. That way I could start from scratch, searching for my real needs in the love department.

After making a new happier life for myself, getting to know me to my deepest, I finally understood what a relationship needs to be successful and to lead to a sex life even more successful!