10 tips for a happy marriage & great sex life

Someone once told me that the secret to a happy relationship -and therefore an outstanding sex life- reside just on 3 things: love, trust, and communication.

Despite I thought I had all those things, my forever love story was not the happy fairytale I expected it to be.

My life, not just relationship-wise, was unhappy and my sex life was nothing I could brag about. I was dissatisfied in every aspect of my relationship and my life.

There were a lot of things I needed in order to feel that I was in that right spot of the perfect love. And I was lacking all those things.

Failure was needed. I needed to discern what I was needing and what was important for me in a relationship. Love, trust, and communications weren't enough for me when I was the only one giving 100%.

Failure was a necessity. That way I could start from scratch, searching for my real needs in the love department.

After making a new happier life for myself, getting to know me to my deepest, I finally understood what a relationship needs to be successful and to lead to a sex life even more successful!

Here I share with you the most important things you must achieve to bulletproof your relationship. Of course, marriage requires a lot of things, but these 10 will cover all the bases.

  1. Love- Of course, the first thing you need is love. Without mutual love, there's no union. No romantic relationship can exist or last without this incredible feeling.

  2. Communication- When a couple is open to talking about everything, without keeping secrets or telling lies, there's a lot of terrain conquered.

  3. Trust- No relationship can exist without openness and transparency. Keep your heart open. Be always honest with your partner and you'll get honesty in return.

  4. Sex- Knowing what each other want in bed is also very important for a satisfying marriage. Sex is a silent way of communication and union. You'll both feel renewed, happy and connected when you're satisfied in the intimate department.

  5. Be open to explore- Sharing your desires and being open to explore is wonderful. It makes the intimacy grow inside and outside the bedroom. Practice the sexinnovation! Try new things together!

  6. Little details- These sweet little things must not stop. The love notes in the bathroom mirror, invitations to lunch, kissing before leaving the house, holding hands while walking...

  7. Sacrifice- Act. Don't be lazy in your relationship. Be pro-active. Wanna go out with your spouse? Don't wait for an invitation. Give the first step. There will be days when you have to give more than what you receive, but that's what love is about. To give without waiting in return. You may sacrifice a few things, but the reward will be awesome if you're with the right person.

  8. Take Care of yourself- When you want to look good for your partner, they notice it! So, dress nicely, fix your hair, use their favorite perfume. Eat healthy. Make smart choices for your health. Someone can tell if you're working hard to wow them. Use special underwear when you're together!

  9. Plan and conquer- Things don't always fall in place as we want them to, so be patient and create a plan to feed your relationship. It is okay if you have to schedule time for sex or dates. Life is busy and we are all super busy with obligations. Lets prioritize our time together, even if we have to schedule it!

  10. No judgment- Your marriage is a judgment-free zone. Your safe haven. Don't feel ashamed of telling your spouse whatever you want to say. Don't be so prudish when your spouse wants to confide a desire. Be open to listen, to give and to love.

What else do you think is needed for a fulfilling marriage and a satisfying sex life?

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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