10 things moms should do when remote-learning is over.

Well, hello, moms! I know you've been anxiously waiting for remote learning to be over already! I get it! I'm done with it too! Probably, you are one of those moms who decided it was time to grab some normality back and send the kids to school. Today is probably that day!

Don't get it wrong! Most moms -I included- love to have the kids at home! (But not 24/7. Not after the confinement and seclusion and excess of work of the last year.)

There's a lot of perks of having them homeschooled or in "remote-learning". There's no driving or making lines to drop-offs. There's no rush to find a parking spot close enough to the school. There's no reason to worry about the tremendous rain that starts to fall 5 minutes before the bell. There are no prepping lunch bags at 6 am. And of course, there's no running to the store at 9 pm to buy the cardboard your kid forgot to mention earlier.

For me, it's been 10 months of remote-learning. My kids have been with me every second of those 10 months. I think that every one of my trips to the ladies' room has been monitored closely by them. Sometimes, they even keep account of how many coffee cups I had in a day. By now, they know every sound my phone makes and what it belongs to. That's a text message. That's WhatsApp. That's mom's email. That's her website. That's ClassDojo. They even know how many calories I consume every day.

If I dress in something other than leggings and a t-shirt, they inquire as to where I plan to go. If I tell them we are going grocery shopping, they complain because they want to use the free time to play videogames. If we don't go grocery shopping, they eventually complain because there's not enough cheese.

I can scramble my own schedule to comply with all their necessities, but waking up at 4 am to write and have some material ready in advance and finding kids wide awake to start making questions or inquire why they cannot play videogames at that inappropriate hour for 10 months... no soul can resist.

A mom struggles so badly, especially if she works from home. She can try to make the time. But that's subject to her family's schedule. If she's a writer or blogger,... it's even worse. The time to write or work from home is usually dominated by kids with concerns that the teachers didn't appropriately address. My daughter's math teacher is showing her how to divide hundreds and thousands. His technique is quite incomprehensible to me -I'm afraid and frustrated to admit, especially because math is one of my fortes.

Trying to teach my daughter to divide big numbers with her teacher's technique is impossible for me, so I have to incorporate my own techniques into her learning. Thank God she managed to understand it pretty fast because I was on the verge of emotional collapse.

These months have left us like fruits under the summer sun: drained and absorbed, with little vital fluid inside.

Today will be a day of mixed feelings. I know that the silence will be super weird after months without it. But I'm looking forward to having it.

So, what we -MOMS- should do as soon as the remote-learning is over? Here you have 10 things to do from today on!

10 things moms should do when remote-learning is over:

  1. Go out and have breakfast by yourself. -After almost a year of confinement with the full 24/7 company of our kids, we are entitled to the most desired and needed silence with our morning coffee and breakfast every once in a while.

  2. Get a professional massage. -Feel that neck and back constricted because of stress and lack of good sleep? Yeap! I know. Go pamper yourself with a good quality back massage. Maybe some aromatherapy too!

  3. Make a boudoir session DIY or professional. -You deserve a reminder of the goddess you are. You deserve to see every single day what a beauty you are. I cannot think of the best way of reminding yourself how great you look than with a boudoir session. I did one a few months ago and it was a blast! If you need some inspiration, check here and here!

  4. Dance naked in the empty house. -Or just stay all day long in your most comfortable underwear. The house is all yours again! Enjoy it!

  5. Try new lingerie. -The time to admire yourself again has come. No better way to start making something for yourself again than buying some new lingerie.

  6. Watch a whole Netflix series. -Take a seat, have a coffee and watch a Netflix series from start to end.

  7. Take a freaking day off. -You've been working non-stop for months. Take a day (or more) to recharge your batteries. Take a nap, just sit on the lazy couch, order takeout and do nothing for the rest of the day.

  8. Try and buy a new outfit. -A mom should reward herself for surviving quarantine. A new outfit is always a great way to put yourself in the right mood. Workout clothes, a sexy dress or some booty lifting jeans are always great gifts.

  9. Do something you love. -Moms have a huge variety of hobbies that aren't related to their kids or families. Things she loves to do but doesn't have enough time because she has other hundred responsibilities when kids are home. Now that the kids are going back to school, feel free to do a little of those things that make you happy. Paint, draw, play videogames, blog, make a fun video, or an informative video, bake, ... Invest some time in what makes you happy.

  10. Annual doctor visit. -I know how hateful and stressful it is to go to the doctor. I am not fond of doctor's visits but for me it's important to know I'm healthy to continue raising my kids. So, plan your annual doctor visit as a gift of health for yourself.

Whatever you plan to do first, be safe and enjoy yourself.

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Lots of love,


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