10 things moms should do when remote-learning is over.

Well, hello, moms! I know you've been anxiously waiting for remote learning to be over already! I get it! I'm done with it too! Probably, you are one of those moms who decided it was time to grab some normality back and send the kids to school. Today is probably that day!

Don't get it wrong! Most moms -I included- love to have the kids at home! (But not 24/7. Not after the confinement and seclusion and excess of work of the last year.)

There's a lot of perks of having them homeschooled or in "remote-learning". There's no driving or making lines to drop-offs. There's no rush to find a parking spot close enough to the school. There's no reason to worry about the tremendous rain that starts to fall 5 minutes before the bell. There are no prepping lunch bags at 6 am. And of course, there's no running to the store at 9 pm to buy the cardboard your kid forgot to mention earlier.

For me, it's been 10 months of remote-learning. My kids have been with me every second of those 10 months. I think that every one of my trips to the ladies' room has been monitored closely by them. Sometimes, they even keep account of how many coffee cups I had in a day. By now, they know every sound my phone makes and what it belongs to. That's a text message. That's WhatsApp. That's mom's email. That's her website. That's ClassDojo. They even know how many calories I consume every day.

If I dress in something other than leggings and a t-shirt, they inquire as to where I plan to go. If I tell t