10 things I cannot live without... Because I’m an Empowered Curvy Writer! And I deserve it!

10 things I cannot live without

The moon is still high in the dark sky when I wake up every day. It's 4:00 am and my daily routine starts. Almost every single day. I’m not complaining about it. In fact, I love it.

This curvy baby runs on a motor filled with a lot of great things. My kids’ hugs and funny stories are the biggest amounts of my motor’s fuel. Their pretty smiles. The love they give. That’s impossible to compare. My kids' support and love, when I need a beta reader, nothing feels as good as having so much love in my life. My motor is running wildly and with the pedal to the metal.

The sun is still hidden when I start working on my writings. Is my passion. What I love. Taking advantage of the early morning's silence before my kids wake up is a necessity for me. I do most of my brainstorming then.

Back in Puerto Rico, all I could hear was the coqui singing and the roosters and hens from nearby homes making a fuss. The uproarious noise of some cars was unavoidable. Something I definitely don't miss from the place that used to be my home.

As an alpha woman, I have so many needs. I admit it. Sometimes I can be so high maintenance! This has been problematic for some people in this life, but what can a girl do? Most of those small tantrums can be nonexistent if I have these 10 little things that I cannot live without.

Let me show you. I’m not vain. I’m