10 things I cannot live without... Because I’m an Empowered Curvy Writer! And I deserve it!

10 things I cannot live without

The moon is still high in the dark sky when I wake up every day. It's 4:00 am and my daily routine starts. Almost every single day. I’m not complaining about it. In fact, I love it.

This curvy baby runs on a motor filled with a lot of great things. My kids’ hugs and funny stories are the biggest amounts of my motor’s fuel. Their pretty smiles. The love they give. That’s impossible to compare. My kids' support and love, when I need a beta reader, nothing feels as good as having so much love in my life. My motor is running wildly and with the pedal to the metal.

The sun is still hidden when I start working on my writings. Is my passion. What I love. Taking advantage of the early morning's silence before my kids wake up is a necessity for me. I do most of my brainstorming then.

Back in Puerto Rico, all I could hear was the coqui singing and the roosters and hens from nearby homes making a fuss. The uproarious noise of some cars was unavoidable. Something I definitely don't miss from the place that used to be my home.

As an alpha woman, I have so many needs. I admit it. Sometimes I can be so high maintenance! This has been problematic for some people in this life, but what can a girl do? Most of those small tantrums can be nonexistent if I have these 10 little things that I cannot live without.

Let me show you. I’m not vain. I’m just a little crazy Empowered Curvy Writer! And I deserve to have it all. You deserve it all too!

1. Coffee- Plenty of it! I wake up at 4 am, Lord have mercy! Without coffee, I would be probably in jail for something stupid, like yelling for coffee non-stop when stopping at a red light. Coffee is like paradise in a mug, a hot hug inside. Coffee helps me roll through the day like if I had slept 12 hours straight. Like the queen that I am! I know you feel the same!

Even the days I wake up a little later, I'll still have plenty of coffee. Because, why not?

2. Statement necklaces- They are cute. Like a crown but without the risk of losing it at a fall. Sometimes when I sit facing my laptop thinking “what was that thing I was meant to write?” a beautiful necklace always makes me think of bright ideas. Maybe those are cool ideas because I don’t buy any of that beautiful jewelry.

3. Dark hair- I have had my hair many colors during this life. Blond, red, orange, rainbow, light brown, blue-black. My natural hair is a light brunette. And it may look pretty, but I feel it's so thin and delicate that it will break with just brushing it. I love having it a dark chocolate brown. I feel prettier. I love to see my mane shining, healthier. Like glowing. You know what I mean, right? I know you have your perfect hair color, don’t you?

Almost 12 years ago a crazy beautician made me a proposition. She wanted me to pose for a portrait for her salon in exchange for a makeover. I didn't think twice. I should have, believe me. My hair, which was long and pretty, turned into a river on her floor. As taken from a horror story, that crazy person made me a terribly made pixie cut and colored it... Wait for it... cooper! And added highlights! Green, blue, purple, red. I left her studio crying. Thank God I had parked my car just in front of her salon. In the security of my car, I cried, even more, trying to cover my horrible hair with a jacket.

Fearing to be confused with a Puerto Rican parrot and trapped by the Wildlife Department, I went to a beauty supply, still hiding under the jacket and got a very dark brown hair color. Then left the place and never came back for fear to be recognized as the parrot lady.

That day I learned my lesson. Nobody, ever, will touch my hair ever again.

4. Family time together- nothing better than a nice family date to cool down the smoking brain. After working, writing, fixing, helping, cooking, attending, doing whatever we do... we start feeling overwhelmed. Everybody needs a time-out now and then. We have our Saturday Fight Night. We just lay in the couch or beanbag to watch #ufcfightnight, eat ice cream, homemade brownies, or our delicious keto pizza recipe! Lazy Sunday to play PS4 or play cards while doing some kebabs on the grill. What matters is to leave the world outside where it belongs for the whole time we spend together. Quality time! So refreshing!

5. Black gel pens and cute notebooks- oh, pens and notebooks! Yes. I need some good pens when brainstorming. Nothing I hate the most than using a pen that writes in choppy ink. That’s a waste of a cute journal page. I love all things pretty but that's not my fault. I was born in the '80s. I grew up with girls liking Hello Kitty while I loved Badtz Maru! Don't know what I'm talking about? Sorry, I'm a Millennial...

6. Red lipstick 16 hrs- Those people that know me to tell me I have my red lips on point always. I’m not going to lie. It is very true. Every second of it. I can use lip-gloss from time to time. But I need my red lipstick. Waterproof, French-kiss proof. It makes me feel powerful and pretty and sexy.

7. Cold Water- My body needs (really wants) a looooooot of water. But cold water is a need for me. I know there's a lot of people who like to drink room temperature water. I just can't. Ugh! I feel terrible ghastly chills just thinking about it. Doesn't matter if it's cold or hot outside... if it's day or night... summer or winter... My water needs to be cool. If it's chilled I'm in heaven! So, winter... no problem. I'll still have water with ice, please! -Don't judge me!

7. Affection- Who doesn't need a hug? When the signs of affection became unnecessary? Every once in a while, we need a big squeeze without having to ask for it. A kiss from your kids, a cute message written in the bathroom mirror, an unexpected surprise. We are designed to have experiences. The best experiences are lived because of some kind of affection. Affection is the most valuable thing you could receive. It means, no matter what, you are the world to the affection giver. People are meant to be loved!

8. Date nights- Making time to share with our significant other is vital. Not just for them or the relationship, but for us. When we make the time to share as a couple we are telling ourselves "I deserve this, I need this". Being overprotective of your alone time is perfectly fine. It's your right. Sometimes, kids may complain about when sent to bed a little earlier than what they really want to go to sleep. They'll know that means it's date night. You can cook dinner for just you two. Have a nice ribeye, maybe a Tequila Rose shot. You can watch a movie that's not appropriate to watch with the kids. Have some early morning dates too. After the kids have breakfast, escape for one hour and go to a lake nearby just to chat. Date nights are sacred. If kids protest, probably ice cream will never make its way into the house. Don't negotiate your time because kids don't feel like it. Don't let them be date night terrorists.

9. Knee-high Boots- Nothing cuter than a beautiful pair of knee-high boots. They go perfectly well with jeans, dresses or even a leather jacket. Even if you just fall in love with one style, you'll find it in different colors and materials. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons, not for the pumpkin lattes but because it's boot season!

10. Inner peace- People use to lie about their intentions every day. Some try to get closer just because they can see themselves getting a benefit from you. I have learned to read people. Nothing hurts as bad as being surrounded by fake people. I need to go to sleep every day knowing I did my best.

I have faced difficult situations with people. Even when I try to be genuine, people will still mistreat me for an unknown reason. Many times, I asked myself if I had done everything in my power to fix things right. I've made peace with myself. Not everybody will love me, even when there's no reason to hate. No matter how nice you try to be, people will always hate your guts, your inability to live by their unfounded prejudices, to bow to their injustices.

Be in peace with yourself. Don't let people disrupt the wonderful life you have created. Don't allow their opinions to dig and plant an evil seed in your home. Be faithful to who you are. Be responsible for your actions. Be fair. Maybe those people will live with an agenda to make your life hard, but it's in your hands to prevent and avoid their chaos. Let them feed their own fire until they cannot escape from its flames!

What are your favorite things in the whole world?



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