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A girl who despises fairy tales. A boy living a fantasy world. Bad match for the first heartbreak.​

Forget everything you know about the boy who never grew old. Mackenzie Kensington has been living under an un-aging spell for so long he just wants to grow old and die. Tricked by a Wizard, Mackenzie travels to human world looking for some unusual artifacts - a heart, a soul, a kiss and the Ink - to break his un-aging spell.​

With a forced birthday party and the new boy she has to tutor in school, this week promises a lot more fantasy than what aspiring journalist Kyra Marin can bear. Her boring life turns into a dangerous fairy tale when her father sends her to a land of fantasy. A Graphylux and a handmade book dedicated to her will lead Kyra to discover her past and the reasons behind her mother’s abandonment.​

Inked, the first part of The Ink Keeper, a Young adult fairy tale twist, hides a curse that will force Kyra and Mackenzie to reconsider what they are really made of.​

Satisfaccion Semi-Dulce

La secuela de Dulce Amenaza

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