Hello, I'm Nydia!

I'm a mother of a teenage boy and a pre-teen girl, been writing since I was six years old, and have a BA in Criminology and Criminal Investigation. Happily divorced, I can assure you I have lived almost everything. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, the first thing I remember is having an aji picante in between my lips while my mom and grandma made pasteles and arroz con gandules. And while it was all delicious and a gift of tradition, even before I have learned to make the sofrito boricua, I was taught that a girl belongs in the kitchen and her place was to give obedience and not opinions.

Even though it was a nice thing to do- the learning and the cooking- I was born full of strong opinions and always wanted more. I wanted the cooking, but also to be part of the decision-making process, I wanted to be creative, to be taken into account. I wanted to be the whole package. It didn't help that my father tried teaching me I should never wait for a man to take decisions over my life, to depend on a man to survive, but also didn't give much importance to my decisions.

As life gifted me with great people, also gave me a lot of others who hated my guts for defending my beliefs. People who tried to bully me for being a strong woman who doesn't allow anyone another humiliation.  People who- without reasons or evidence- attacked me for what I love to write. Mayhem was/is constant. Clashes came as frequent as my cups of coffee and hard decisions had taken us away from frenemies and close to a better, happier life. Later I'll share a bit more with you, my friends, to laugh, to love and maybe even cry together.

I am the crazy author behind the books Dulce Amenaza/ Sweet Menace, Confesiones de una Feminista, Solo PoesÍa and my newest: INKED (find my books at my Amazon suggested items at the bottom of home page).

Feminist at heart, I defend the movement in my peculiar way, but above all, I'm a faithful believer of the equality of the sexes and body acceptance.

Simple things make my heart warm. Reading with a hot coffee is a date for this Puerto Rican girl. Romance and the art of baking is personally a sexy match made in heaven. Apart from my hubby and my two beautiful kids, I have an unbreakable bond with knee-high boots, strong coffee and passion red lipstick.

This site is born from the deep desire to celebrate us women as a complex being, independent, powerful, Lady Superheroes. Time is already due to break stereotypes and labels that kept us silent and marginalized from the macho society in which our grandparents were born.

EmpoweredCurvy.com is the result of my lifelong issue: I have curves and I cannot hide. The body God gave you is your temple to celebrate your femininity, and not to be judged because your curves are just hard not to look, or impossible to hide without looking like a newly discovered shape.

This space is right for you, beautiful, empowered woman who manages to multitask between kids, work, kitchen, do some shopping, put your fashion on, read a book, write a diary, listen to music, work on something that makes you passionate, be sexy and sassy to stay in love and keep the husband feeling lucky!

With an open heart I'll try to tell you my issues and how I deal with it all. But most of all, I will get into your shoes to share stories of successful women, new beginnings, how to keep the romance on point while raising healthy and loving kids.

Just a warning:  My opinions are harsh sometimes but they come from the experiences I have lived.  If you came to this page thinking this will be the new bra-burning movement, brace yourself for disappointment. I'm a 32DDD fan of push up and lace bras, but feel free to be bra-less. My definition of feminism might not be appealing to you. I do not promote nor participate in mass castrations, because men don't have to be humiliated for women to grow.  If you are here looking for a place to judge and point the accusing finger,  this is definitely not your home. Here we can grow together and men are very welcome to read and learn and also offer their opinion.

Just a bigger warning: If you're an easily offended person and don't have space for other's opinions, I beg you to think it twice before deciding to follow me. This site is not for those who think they are perfect, saints, or conceited person. We are all imperfect children of God learning and fighting to be happy.

Welcome to my house: Empowered Curvy.com! Let's share a steaming cup of coffee while we catch up! Share EmpoweredCurvy.com with your girlfriend to spread self-love!

With Love,



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